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Cold Steel Bowie Bushman

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For the money, the Bushman® knives might be the strongest survival/outdoor knives in the world! Unlike most hollow handled survival knives, there is no joint or seam between the blades and handles that requires a mechanical fastener. Instead, the Bushman’s® blades and integral handles are each expertly cold forged out of a single piece of 2.5mm thick SK-5 high carbon steel. The resulting knives are expertly heat-treated and tempered to RC54 and, when subjected to our tests, have withstood over two tons of pressure on their blade/handle transition! Every Bushman® blade has been carefully ground to an extra thin edge, and then honed and buffed by hand until razor sharp. The Bushman® knives are versatile too! Their hollow handles will accept survival supplies or a variety of handle extensions which can maximize reach, leverage or ease of throwing. They come complete with the new heavy duty plastic Secure-Ex sheath which features an attached ferrocerium fire steel.
  • KnifeType: Fixed
  • KnifeBladeMaterial: Carbon Steel
  • KnifeAdvancedBladeMaterial: SK-5
  • KnifeEdge: Plain
  • KnifeBladeProfile: Bowie
  • KnifeBladeColour: Black
  • KnifeBladeGrind: Hollow
  • KnifeBladeLength: 7
  • KnifeBladeThickness: 2.5
  • KnifeClosedLength: 12.5
  • KnifeDeploymentMechanism: N/A
  • KnifeWave: N/A
  • KnifeLockType: Liner Lock
  • KnifeCategory: Outdoors
  • KnifeHandleLength: 4.5
  • KnifeHandleMaterial: Carbon Steel
  • KnifeHandleColour: Black
  • KnifeHardness: 54
  • KnifeOverallLength: 12.25
  • KnifeCarryMethod: N/A
  • KnifeSheathIncluded: Yes
  • KnifeSheathColour: Black
  • KnifeSheathMaterial: Molded Plastic
  • KnifeSheathType: Secure-Ex
  • KnifeIsNeckKnife: NO
  • KnifeIsBootKnife: NO
  • KnifeIsBeltKnife: YES
  • KnifeWeight: 10.08
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